Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Circular shrug in progress

This is my shrug in progress:

And this is what it should look like when it's done:

Monday, February 11, 2008

A treat for myself

After waiting for 2 weeks, today I got my invitation for Ravelry! I had no idea what to expect, I only read about it a little, but my first impressions were great :) I could spend hours there looking through patterns and searching.....
While searching, I went across a pattern for a cirualr shrug, but the pattern wasn't free, it was from a book "Positively Crochet" by Mary Jane Hall. I just had to have this book because more than a year ago saw a knitted circular shrug that I fell in love with, but I'm not a very good knitter.....So my little dream came true, I can make a crocheted circular shrug!
I went to Chapters and Michaels and look what I got :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Two projects completed...

I have been working on couple of projects lately, but I was very lazy to take pictures and post them on my blog...Tonight I finally managed to do that so here are my two finished projects.

The little vest is for my one year old daughter..I didn't have a pattern for it, it's my very simple design... It's a little too big for her, mostly the part around the neck but when I was working on it I was scared that it would be too small, so I made it bigger (I have tendency to make things too small or too big hahah)...I finished it in 2 hours and the next day I just put edging around the sleeves and neck..

Scarf is so easy to make (the pattern is actually for Fan Bookmark)
and I love it, but the only thing is, I hate this color purple..I know I will never wear it...I will probably give it to someone who likes purple...Well this yarn was to be made into a blanket, but for some reson i decided to return my other 3 skeins I have bought and only keep one..I'm not in a mood to crochet anything that takes more than 2 days hehe...Now I want to work on simple and smaller projects cause my mind keeps going mile a minute and I'm only thinking of what I'll make next....sometimes I get impatient like smaller projects must do...

Soon I'll be posting a picture of a hat that I did for my husband...Well that was interesting cause whatever I'm working on he keeps saying that "the holes" are too big...Well, when I post a picture you can tell me if the "holes are big" heheh... Tonight he asked me when I'll make him a new hat, but he doesn't want holes in it hahha he made sure I heard that I'll have to do sc insted of dc...he said he wants it to be black, even though I suggested to make him a brown one cause I have brown left over yarn from my blanket, but has to be black...So tomorrow I go shopping for black yarn..

I also made a sweater for my little devil, called "Baby it's cold outside" (most of you probably know what I'm talking about. It's sitting on my bedroom floor, waiting to be put together..Somehow when I do whipstitch to put it together it looks ugly....I'll have to try again so I can finally post a picture... Ok, so keep coming back for more pics cause they'll be coming soon..very soon... But here is a vest and a scarf...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

White and Dark Chocolate Blanket!

Finally last night I completed this blanket/afghan that I have been working on for about a month.. First I started an afghan with 4 colors, these two that I used and two more. I didn't like the color combination so I started over with only these two colors and these are the results! I'm very proud of it because i naver managed to comlete something as big as this project.
Sinoc sam zavrsila ovu deku/prekrivac nakon mjesec dana rada :)
Prvu deku koju sam zapocela koristila sam ove dvije boje i jos dvije, pa sam isparala jer mi se kombinacija boja nije nimalo svidjala..Onda sam odlucila da pocnem nanovo samo sa dvije boje koje vidite na slici. Zadovoljna sam i ponosna jer nikad prije nisam uspjela da zavrsim projekat za koji treba puno vremena.